Abel Nightroad
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Personal information
Aliases: Crusnik (codename)
Father Abel Nightroad
Father Nightroad
Bungling priest
Residence: Vatican
Birth: 2088 AD
Age: 976
Gender: Male
Species: Crusnik
Occupation: Ax agent
Relative(s): Cain Nightroad (elder brother)
Seth Nightroad (younger sister)
Weapon(s): Percussion revolver
Team: Caterina Sforza
Esther Blanchett
Tres Iqus
Kate Scott
Affiliation(s): Vatican
Other information
Novel debut: Prologue (From the Empire)

Abel Nightroad is an AX agent from the Vatican, codename "Crusnik".


He has bright blue eyes, the color of a winter lake, and his hair is described as silver or light blond. He is above 6 feet tall, but his actual height is unknown. He usually wears a priest's cassock.


Caterina SforzaEdit

They met ten years before the events in the novels, when she was 14. Ever since then, he has been loyal to her.



Rage Against the MoonsEdit

Reborn on the MarsEdit

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