Astharoshe Asran
Personal information
Aliases: Asthe
Duchess of Odessa
Marquise of Kiev
Residence: Byzantium
Gender: Female
Species: Methuselah
Occupation: Duchess of Odessa
Marquise of Kiev
Inspector General's direct subordinate
Relative(s): Unnamed mother (deceased)
Weapon(s): Spear of Gae Bolg
Affiliation(s): New Human Empire
Other information
Novel debut: From the Empire
Manga debut: Straight to Hell
Anime debut: From the Empire
Japanese seiyū: Michiko Neya

Yu Asakawa (drama CD)

English V.A.: Carrie Savage

Astharoshe Asran, Duchess of Kiev and Viscountess of Odessa, is a Methuselah of the New Human Empire. Although she initially has a very low opinion of Terrans of the outside world, it changes after the events of the series.



Photo of a young Astharoshe with red hair.

Astharoshe is tall, standing over 180 centimeters, with amber eyes and long ivory hair with a red tuft across the forehead, although her hair was depicted as blonde in the anime.[1] In her youth, Astharoshe had red hair, but the grief from the loss of her best friend caused it to bleach and lose its true color. In the manga, her hair was cut short after Dietrich burned her in The Night Lords arc.

Her normal clothing within the Empire usually consists of a short blue dress with blue, white and gold or silver, armored breastplates, and high white boots. Like most of the boyar within the Empire, her clothing is usually richly embroidered with several star-moon insignias of the New Human Empire.

During Astharoshe'a mission in the out of the Empire, the Duchess is also shown in an elaborate red dress, as well as a black outfit consisting of a bodice, pants and coat. Her arcana in Thores' tarot cards is The Judgement.

Astharoshe has a spear named "Gae Bolg" (meaning "spear of mortal pain/death spear"), a lost technology. The spear uses ionized xenon gas to create a high-density, high-temperature plasma blade capable of cutting through anything.


Astharoshe Asran is hot-headed, strong-willed has a short temper and gets easily irritated. Her anger easily intimidates others.

Despite initially hating Terrans outside the Empire, she later softens her view on them, including Abel.



Rage Against Moons I: From The EmpireEdit

Astharoshe is sent on the orders of the Empress to a secret collaboration mission with Abel Nightroad to track down a murderer. Astharoshe finds Endre Kourza was the same Methuselah who murdered her best friend and caused her so much grief that her hair turned white.

Trinity Blood ApocryphaEdit

Astharoshe is sent on a second mission to the outside world.


Empress of the Night/ The Night Lords ArcEdit


Astharoshe taking orders from Augusta Vradica.

Astharoshe first appears before the kneeled Empress. It has been three years after Astharoshe's mission to the outside world. The Empress says she expects a messnger from the Vatican soon and requests Astharoshe's to protect him. The Duchess agrees before realizing who it might be and becomes humorously furious.

After Abel, Ion and Esther escape from the Yenceri (palace guards) on the charges of the murder of the Duchess of Moldova, the three of them escape into Astharoshe's mansion. In the manga, Astharoshe's tiger, Venus, brings Abel to her, with the man's head in his mouth. The Duchess proudly welcomes back her tovarish. In the novels, she has a cat.

Later on, Astharoshe finds Esther in her bathhouse. Embarrassed that she was caught commenting how surprising it was to find such a beautiful bath in the Empire, the nun stands up and tries to leave while profusely apologizing. Astharoshe pushes her back in and tells her she is a guest. The Duchess confirms the nun's name is Esther, and offers her deepest sympathies when told she is a collage of Abel's. Esther is amazed at Astha's beauty, knowing she herself is covered with scars and scrapes. Noticing Esther's star-shaped birthmark, Astharoshe inquires about whether her mother named her after that, to which Esther replies she doesn't know - she was left in front of a church as an infant, with nothing but a rosary and her name. Esther questions if the Duchess is helping them because to return a favor for Abel, which earns her a comically 'inhuman' enraged response from Astharoshe - he owed her, and more than just favors. The Duchess does recall the Empress personally asking for her help; perhaps knowing they would be in trouble. The two discuss how the Empress is rumored to be over eight-hundred years old, and that she would lead the Methuselah through eternity. It is for that reason that Astharoshe pledges to put her life on the line for them.

The three discuss what has happened at dinner. Ion is depressed after what he had to witness back at his mansion. Esther and Astharoshe try to convince the boy to eat, but he rejects the offer. Astharoshe becomes frustrated by this and yells at him for being inconsiderate towards her hospitality. Astharoshe questions how he could show such weakness in front of Terrans, and how the Duchess of Moldova raised him. Infuriated that his at the insult of his grandmother, which causes an amused Astharoshe to comment that the boy should use that energy to reflect on himself, rather than directing it at her. She points out he had not been considerate of a worried Esther. Embarrassed, the Count resolves to stop sulking and starts to eat. Astharoshe tells them that she is going to report to the Empress tomorrow about their safe arrival.

The next day, while Astharoshe and Abel are in the Dewan (court). Astharoshe teases Abel about his protectiveness of Esther when she spots her distant relative and romantic interest, Sulayman. Sulayman apologizes for not being present at the funeral of Astharoshe's mother a year ago, much to her embarrassment. The Duke informs them about the rumor of two 'outside' Terrans, a man and a woman who had broken into the Empire. He also warns Astharoshe that they might interrogate her as well, expert on 'outside' matters. Süleyman leaves, but not before asking if Astharoshe would have some time for him to discuss politics of the 'outside' world.

While the boyar (noble) Methuselah discuss murder of the Duchess of Moldova. Baybars accuses Ion Fortuna, but Süleyman steps up and defends the young Earl. The Duke of Tigris intervenes and informs Baybars that it is a heavy accusation to blame Ion for the murder of his own grandmother, and reminds Baybars that wrong accusations can lead to bad results. He words earns him the admiration from Astharoshe, but it goes to waste when Radu Barvon shows up, bearing witness to Ion' guilt.

Later on, Astharoshe and Abel fight off Radu, who was about to kill Ion. Radu escapes into the night while Ion tells to Astharoshe and Abel what Radu is planning - assassination of the Empress.


Astharoshe's late friend, Countess Len Yearnosh.

Everyone returns back to Astharoshe’s mansion to plan their next move. Abel is out trying to find Radu while Esther, Ion and Astharoshe talk. Astharoshe explains to Esther that the Island of Beloved Children she can see from the window is where all the boyar (nobles) have gathered to mourn the Duchess of Moldova. She elaborates that the Methuselah have no religion and don't believe in souls, but the funeral are held for the living. Astharoshe alludes to her own past as she explains long as they are alive, they have to keep on living, even if their hair turns white. Esther desolately notes that Ion cannot even be allowed to grieve.

Noticing Ion was acting strange, Esther approaches him. The boy simply asks for the whereabouts of Radu and declines to wait as per Astharoshe's suggestion. Esther is skeptical that Radu to appear tonight at his grandmother’s funeral, as there were so many nobles present. Ion argues that this is the only chance for Radu, as now he is certain where the Empress will be. Astharoshe’s steward shows up, apologizing for being unable to find Radu. Asthe thinks he might be somewhere they haven’t searched, and so she decides to go and see Süleyman, who was in charge of arranging the funeral. Astharoshe takes Abel with her and orders Ion and Esther to stay behind.

Astharoshe and Abel visit Süleyman to find out if he knows of the location of Radu. Astharoshe tells to the Duke of Tigris about what she has learned about the planned bombs, not knowing he was the culprit. The Duchess asks Süleyman where the Baron of Luxor is and Süleyman answers that Radu is escorting the Empress on the Island of Beloved Children. Süleyman quickly moves his attention to Abel, asking from him if he saw Ion with anyone else - like the redheaded girl - revealing that he knows them to be the "traitors". Using the Ring of Solomon, he attacks both Abel and Astharoshe. The Duchess demands an explanation from the Duke she respected to much, wanting to know what drove him to do such things, but Süleyman replies that she's too young to understand. He explains that the greatness of the Empress has driven him into this, and that he's discovered that she's is something "that doesn't belong this world", much to Abel's sadness. Abel and Astharoshe escape by jumping through a window while Sulayman contemplates his hate and love for the Empress.

Abel and Astharoshe discuss how they can rescue Esther and Ion. The Duchess is still shocked that someone like the Duke of Tigris who had worked for over three hundred years under the Empress could betray her, and wonders what the future boyar will become. Abel asks her stoically if she trusts the Empress, to which she easily replies that she does. The priest points out that the she knows nothing of the Empress' true face, true voice or who really is, but Astharoshe sees nothing wrong with it and questions what Abel is trying to say. Abel says Sulayman found out about the Empress' true identity, implying that she is something shocking, but the Duchess does not understand the implication and asks Abel if he knows who she was. The priest pretends he doesn't know and guesses she might be a normal Terran, which earns him a punch from Astharoshe. The Duchess proclaims it doesn't matter who the Empress was, as her ancestors lived like this, and the Empress herself was a person who promotes equality and peace. She downplays any insinuation that people revere Augusta Vradica as a god and insists she is just someone to be admired, and those who disrupt the peace will be stopped. Suddenly, Astharoshe's Terran retainer bursts into the room with news that the Duchess of Moldova's tomb exploded while the Empress was paying her respects, killing her.


Astharoshe prepares to sacrifice herself.

Astharoshe and Abel sneak into the palace through the underground catacombs. Just as they seem to be overwhelmed, the Duchess leaps forth and offers herself to fight the autojäger alone so that Abel can go to save Esther and Ion. Just as Astharoshe is about to be fatally attacked, however, Baybars and the Yenceri appear, saving them from Dietrich von Lohengrin's Autojägers, allowing the two to pass safely into the palace.


Astharoshe kills Sulayman.

The whole Celestial Imperial Palace is in chaos at the news of Empress' death in the bombing of Mirka Fortuna's tomb. Süleyman nominates himself as a ruler-candidate, but Astharoshe appears and accuses Süleyman of treason. Astharoshe tries to summon the captured Esther and Ion as witnesses, but the Duke tells the Duchess that it is too late the two have killed each other. Astharoshe is shocked, but just then Ion and Esther stumble into the Starpalace. A stunned Süleyman tells the security to capture the escaped prisoners, but Empress Augusta Vladica appears and stops this, revealing that she is alive and well. Everyone is shocked as the the Empress explains that she was not present on the bombing and introduces her double, none other than the very much alive Duchess of Moldova. Augusta Vradica then reveals her true face as Seth - the very girl Süleyman thought he killed. Seth tells Süleyman that she is disappointed and had high hopes for him. Süleyman becomes angry and shoots her with his ring, but misses on purpose in the last second and is killed by Astharoshe.

Seth asks him why he missed on purpose, to which he replies, "is there a child in this world child who does not love his mother?" In his dying moments, Süleyman tells to Seth that he hates her, having served her for three-hundred years, because she had become an existence he couldn't understand. The Duke asks Seth where she came from and where they all are headed, who she is, but then corrects his himself and asks who Methuselah they themselves are. Seth tells Süleyman that if she could answer that, she would be much happier. She closes Suleyman's eyes for him after he dies.

Astharoshe and Esther appear to help Abel as he was about to lose the battle to Dietrich von Lohengrin in Radu's body. The Duchess charges at him but he easily overpowers her and burns her hair. Seth arrives and kills Radu for good.

One week later, Mirka gleefully explains to her grandson that they had known about the extremists for a long time, but had no evidence to trap them. Ion clarifies whether she meant she had used her own grandson as bait, to which the Duchess replies she did, and then asks if anything is wrong. Ion is comically vexed at all of this, but instantly backs down when Mirka questions if he was unhappy about her plan. Mirka hugs him and says he just missed an opportunity to let her tease him. Baybars explains to Astharoshe that that was how the Duchess expresses her love, before commenting Astharoshe's new short hair. Esther interrupts and informs them that she is about to take her leave, and just as the other Methuselah bid farewell to her, Astharoshe notices Ion's sadness. Ion had forgotten that time flowed differently because Esther was a Terran, and worries that he may never see her again. The boy is about to say something but stops himself because of his doubts, but then at that moment, the Duchess encourages the Count to tell her how he feels. He runs to her just as he is about to leave, and knowing he will need to become stronger, tells her that he will see her one day for sure. Esther smiles back at him and leaves.


Astharoshe makes her first appearance while carrying out an imperial order to locate a wanted criminal in the human world Endre Kourza, the same person who killed her implied former lover, Count Ren Janosh. Her impulsive attitude caused her to give chase through the city streets, in the process killing a number of Terran civilians and causing widespread damage to the area. Because of this, Cardinal Sforza considers asking Astharoshe to leave, because the lives lost have caused more trouble for the Vatican than the opportunity presented to work together with the Empire in pursuit of a common goal. With a little encouragement from Abel, Astharoshe receives a second chance to catch the killer, which she does successfully. This experience helped Astharoshe to understand better how things work outside of the Empire, which makes Astharoshe one of the few Methuselah to understand human politics, customs, and traditions by experience.

After Ion Fortuna's return to the Empire and the subsequent set-up to frame him for his grandmother's murder, Abel, Esther, and Ion take shelter in Astharoshe's mansion. In anticipation of their arrival, she had been charged by the Empress with taking in the Vatican envoys and making sure they stay safe. In the process of helping the Vatican agents, Asran becomes involved in the larger plot to assassinate the Empress, working with Abel Nightroad to prevent this event from occurring and ultimately slaying Süleyman, who orchestrated the assassination plot, after he moves to assassinate the Empress personally.



Astaroth in Goetic demonology is a Crowned Prince of Hell. He is a male figure named after the Canaanite goddess Ashtoreth.

Ashtoreth (Ancient Greek: Ἀστάρτη, "Astártē") was a Canaanite goddess associated with connected with fertility, sexuality, and war, and an equivalent of the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar.

"Asran" may be an incorrect romanticization of "Aslan", which means "lion" in Turkic and Mongolian languages.


  • It is so painful when you lose someone you love ...To the point where your hair turns white because of grief.
  • (To Esther) You really have no manners, do you?! I have only ever done him favors, not the other way around!! Never say that again, understand? You insolent girl!


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