Personal information
Residence: István
Status: Deceased
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Programmer
Relative(s): Gyula Kadar (husband, deceased)
Other information
Anime debut: Star of Sorrow I. City of Blood

Maria (マリア) is Gyula's deceased human wife. She was burned alive by the Vatican for marrying a Methusalah. She worked to bring back the old technology and one of her achievements was the "Star of Sorrow". Which was meant to be used to transport electricity, rather than being used as a weapon (as Gyula did after her death).


Maria has long, wavy brown hair, and kind eyes. She is seen wearing a long dress in the her portrait.


She appears only briefly, and then mostly only referenced in conversation. It seems she was a scientist trying to revive some of the lost technology, including creating the satellite that became the "Star of Sorrow". In the novels, it is stated she was an engineerer who was working on the "Star of Hope."

She was married to Gyula for love; but as she was a human and he a Methusalah, the Vatican violently opposed the marriage. As punishment they burned her alive. This caused Gyula to become bitter and angry against the human race and the Vatican, resulting in him using his wife's invention to destroy the Vatican.


  • "You are the same as humans." (To Gyula)
  • "Thank you. I am content. Thank you." (To Gyula)