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Monica Argento
Personal information
Aliases: Black Widow (Codename)

Sister Monica

Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Human(witch)
Occupation: AX Agent
Weapon(s): Twin daggers
Ability: Intangibility
Affiliation(s): The Vatican
Cosa Nostra (formely)
Other information
Manga debut: A View to Kill

Monica Argento, codenamed Black Widow, is an AX Agent.

She is first seen when Caterina Sforza calls her to accompany Tres Iqus to hunt down Esther Blanchett. Monica is one of the last witches left alive, her kind is known as shapeshifters in the Empire. Monica is a character who shows a sense of sadistic joy while fighting against her foes, killing them without any mercy regardless if they can fight back or not.


Sister Monica has dark and short hair and she wears dark lipstick. She prefers to wear priest's robes as opposed to that of a nun. In the manga, her top is completely exposed to her waist, and short black shorts instead of pants.

Monica has a unique necklace, which will explode and kill her if she tried to be remove it with force. From that necklace hangs a cross, that reaches down to her breasts. She also has a naval jewel in a shape of a cross.

Her manga portrait features her with a black rose, symbolizing death and hatred. Her arcana in Thores' tarot cards is The Moon.



Monica in the flashback

Monica Argento was the daughter of a mafia boss. Little is known about Monica before she became AX Agent. In her flashback, she is shown standing in front of a grave. She touches her stomach and asks if her unborn child went to where ever the person in the grave went. Monica then cuts her hair and swears to avenge them.

In the next panel she is in the prison, captured after she tried to assasinate Catherina Sforza. Caterina takes her as one of her agents and traps her in a necklace that would explode and kill her if she would try to remove it by force. She also bestoys her the codename Black Widow.



Mark of a Lady Saint / Imitation Star ArcEdit


Monica's first appearance

Sister Monica Argento first apears when she is summoned by Caterina Sforza to help Tres Iqus search for Esther after she was kidnapped by a vampire. Tres is against the idea, but Caterina Sforza is not dissuaded. Tres turns around and catches Monica with her daggers at his neck. Monica jokes that Tres being "a thickhead" and bows before Caterina.

Caterina shows her the picture of Esther, the girl she is going after. Monica asks what she should do if Esther were to resist her capture, and if she should do as she sees best. The Cardinal replies Esther has to be stopped by all means nessecary, even if it would mean bringing her back dead. Monica does not argue and leaves with Tres to gather information.

Tres and Monica head to a pharmacy, where they ask from the clerk if he has sold any blood tablets recently. The clerk says that he doesn't know what they are talking about, and presses a hidden button with his knee, alerting some strong men to his aid. The men tell her and Tres to leave before they get serious. but Monica rebuffs that they are the ones going to die. The men get angry attempts to punch her, but are shot by Tres. The clerk tells them everything and from where the vampire came from. As the two are about to leave, one fo the men throws a dagger at Monica, but it simply passes through her heart. Sister Monica turns around and walks over to the man and, ignoring Tres' commands to stop, gruesomely kills him.

The two make their way to the hotel and apprehend Abel, Petros, Esther and Shahrazad Al-Rahman. Esther and Shahra escape, while the other two stay back to fight. Abel fights against Tres, while Monica introduces herself as Petros' "business rival" and stabs him in the neck. The battle ends with Monica as the victor, and Petros with his throat cut.


Monica using her powers against Petro

Monica makes her way back to Tres and Abel, then proceeds to kill Esther when the nun refuses to surrender. Esther is suddenly saved when Petros springs back up - just as Monica realizes she didn't slice his throat, but the hydraulic cable of his armor. The two continue their fight until Petros finally corners the woman. Petros is about to strike the finishing blow, but it goes right through Monica. Petros realises that Monica is a witch, tries to strike again, but Monica escapes using her ability to pass through walls.

Monica chases after Esther and Shahrazad on a motorbike. Monica lands on their on their truck and passes through the front glass, then begins to strangle Esther. Realizing she is a shapeshifter and won't relent, Shahrazad uses her ability to shatter the glass that Monica had fused with. Esther and Shahrazad escape from Monica, who is left lying on the ground after the truck crashes.


Monica escaping from the wolf

Moniaca wakes up later and is confronted by Mr. Butler, who states that he is a friend of Esther and Shahrazad. He introduces Monica to her enemy: a large wolf. As the two fight, Monica remembers how she had been determined to kill Caterina for revenge, but was captured and made to work for her instead. The wolf easily defeats Monica, but before she is killed, Monica slips through the ground and disappears.


"Monica" is an ancient name of North African origin (now Algeria) whose etymology is unknown. It has also been associated with the Greek word monos, meaning "alone".

Argento is an Italian surname, meaning "silver."


  • "We Cosa Nostra, which before the whole Sicily was shaken up. We seem to be annihilated. To the last man."
  • "...That woman is the only one who I couldn't kill."
  • "Va'all' Inferno."



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