Ok, I have just read through the manga again and at chapter 23, I found a very intriguing character - Mimal, a Terran merchant who helped Ion, Abel and Esther get back to the Empire. He doesn't have much role in the whole chapter but there is something about him that puzzled me. 

1. Ion said that he bumped into him, a Terran merchant with a ship who is, unclearly, said to have some kind of acquaintance relationship with the Duchess of Moldova, Mirka Fortuna. How could it possibly be some Terran that is so generous in the middle of the sea with a huge merchant ship in a so easy way like that?

2. When Ion said that he was going to check the mansion, Mimal was to tell him something, but perhaps, after thinking, he decides to just gave Ion a "Take care" advise. However, after Ion walked off to the mansion, Mimal turned away and  there was a panel showing that he had a very, well, irritated look, as if he had known something (here in this chapter could probably be the attack in the Duchess mansion) long before and just didn't want to say.

3. The building of this character is also a puzzled. He has a tall well-built body, short black hair and jet black eyes (I really, really suspect that this character is, somehow, a disguising version of the-magician-that-everyone-knows-who-that-is). However, there are some differences that I can tell between him and Isaak: Mimal has rectangular face while Isaak has long face, Mimal's eye corners are both down while Isaak's are sharply up. Although the ways the suspicious merchant and the magician talk are the same, who knows whether they are one or just two strangely similar different people?

Oh someone please give me an explanation for this. I'm going to read through the manga again. Just for now, I saw that I have passed by so much important details for so long. *sigh*

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